Mom and Dad visit Seattle- Day 4 (part 1)- San Juan Island- 8/16/2011

I started the day with kombucha. This put me in the mood again to make my own kombucha!

Eric and I camped at the Lakedale Resort.

Eric is skeptical of the map.

Roche Harbor.

Roche Harbor as well. This place was expensive and kind of boring.

There were a few lime kilns at Roche Harbor though.

There were plenty of big boat in the harbor.

They had a tiny post office!

Oh Canada!

Today we made it to the British Camp.

The British Camp had more tree cover than the American Camp.

There was an osprey nest.

Luckily enough there was a telescope there to see the nest better!

The blockhouse at the British Camp.

Inside the blockhouse.

I climbed the fence to go down to the water.

Lovely garden!

We had to hike up a hill to see the cemetery at the British Camp.

We back to Maloula's to have lunch with my parents.

Vegan fun!

Eric and I ate pita and hummus again.

Today I ate falafel.

There were some drawings at the local art museum at Friday Harbor by Kurt Wenner. He's the sidewalk chalk artist. Rather fun!

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