The passing of White Car.

As you may or may not know, White Car is no longer with us. She finally kicked it at 100,051 miles. Thank you dear lady for making it that far. I put about 82,000 miles on her in the six and a half years that she was mine. Here we pay homage to our dearly departed.

She was almost taken out by an 18 wheeler at New Vrindavan. NOT the Smartz's fault may I add!

The driver of the 18 wheeler fixed her up for me. Thank you sir.

On the move to Seattle she almost got stuck in the mud.

LOTS of mud.

She's conquered mountain passes of the great NW.

She liked to travel. Great park job.

And then disaster struck in the summer of 2009.

So much disaster.

Totaled but repaired.

This was the last time White Car saw Blue Car. Blue Car now resides in NY.

She loved the beach.

And she loved to get dirty on dirt roads.

Turtle was her travel buddy.

Her last big trip was to Northern California.

And this is where she spent her last few days. Dead.

I love you White Car!!

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0 thoughts on “The passing of White Car.

  1. Ryan Beggar

    Viri will miss white car too. Arkaedi will call it “wipe car,” but miss it as well.

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