oh and more flower essences.

Last week my doctor did the little flower essence test on me again. The results yielded three new essences and one old guy.

Cherry Plum
Cherry plum is a sweet essence that enables the individual to receive guidance and protection, despite extreme stress or hardship. Cherry plum is indicated to help the individual reconnect with the higher self, surrender to one’s source, and feel divinely supported and protected.

Sweet Chestnut
Sweet Chestnut essence is the barer of great spiritual transformation and sustained change that accompanies acute traumatic events. This essence helps guide one down life’s bumpiest roads. Through intense suffering, one can receive gifts of love, forgiveness and surrender the self. Sweet Chestnut helps the soul surrender and open to a new spiritual identity.

Water Violet
Water Violet helps people transition towards a more inclusive state of consciousness, social connection, and full range of self-expression. This essence helps inward, refined, and dignified individuals start to open and evolve to share compassion and joyful connections with all of humanity.

Wild Rose
This essence supports joy and flowing commitment to life, motivation, and interest in the world and in others. Wild rose strengthens vitality and supports restorative physical and emotional embodiment, so that one may fully experience life’s precious gifts.

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