The return of the hippy doctor.

Today I had an appointment with my doctor. There were some lab results to go over, a little needle pricking, and more flower essences. If you recall I wrote out my flower essence experience in this post.

Say what you want about the flower essences and hippy medicine, but every single time she tests me for which flower essences my body “wants,” the meaning behind those essences are spot on. Today when she did the test, my body decided it wanted two essences I had during the first round of testing along with two new ones! exciting right?

This is what’s in my little vial this week.

Crab apple:
Crab Apple essence helps cleanse, restore, and bring about inner purity. It is indicated to help balance obsessive compulsive tendencies towards cleanliness, and it can also be used in a general way for any activity of purification, such as fasting. This flower essence instills a balanced soul perspective to the body and to life on Earth.

This essence deals with relationships with others, specifically acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections. This can be helpful for individuals who have grown up with criticism and high expectation. Outwardly judgmental attitudes of intolerance reflect hypersensitivity to personal, social, and physical environments. Beech essence helps people learn to cope with their underlying sensitivity and encourages tolerance, so that one may see the good within each person.

Elm essence helps transform feelings of self doubt and being overwhelmed into joyous service, and it gives one the confidence to accomplish the tasks at hand. Elm helps one tap into inspiration and motivation from the higher self, others, and the spiritual world. Imagine the possibilities for happiness and completeness when doing things for others, after nagging stresses are removed!

Rock water:
The essence of rock water is actually more mineral than plant. One of Edward Bach’s original English remedies, it is made from underground spring water. It helps develop inner flexibility, spontaneity, and receptiveness. Those who have extremely rigid attitudes, philosophical ideals, or life patterns can re-establish connection to soul feelings, which ebb and flow. This essence exudes flowing qualities and is often one of the first essences people use, as it can attune sensitivity to plant life.

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One thought on “The return of the hippy doctor.

  1. aaron

    Interesting! Very Very Interesting!! Love it!

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