grand view point ship hotel.

i found this postcard at the vintage mall this past friday in seattle. as soon as i saw it i knew i had been to this spot…or at least i THOUGHT i had been there. i purchased the postcard and after some investigating i found out that i was never actually at the spot where the ship hotel used to stand, but eric was there. i remember he had told me about the location and the ship. he had even sent me old photos of what it looked like. somewhere in my head i just stored that information away and apparently made myself believe i had been there.

the grand view ship hotel sat on US route 30 (lincoln highway), in Bedford County, Pennsylvania. it was built in 1932 and sadly destroyed by a fire in 2001. i found some info about the ship hotel and photos from this website…click click! the grand view point hotel was at an elevation of 2,464 ft. you could also see 3 states and 7 counties from this point.

the ship hotel became a popular tourist attraction until the turnpike was built saving motorists three hours by not taking the route where the hotel stood. the hotel was open for 50 years until ownership changed hands. the ship closed in 1987 and started to deteriorate. squatters took a liking to the hotel as well. the lincoln highway heritage corridor proposed to purchase the ship and restore it, but the owner would not sell it. they offered $40,000 but they were requesting $900,000. rather greedy, no? in 2001, fire took the life of the grand view ship hotel. poor little guy.

here are some interior views of the ship hotel.

here are the pictures from when eric was there in 2008.

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