flower essences: i don't know what you're doing…but i like it!

three weeks ago today i was feeling really down. more down than usual. a combination of being depressed, paranoid, hormonal, OCD, and a few other things were wearing on me. i was not myself at all and i was not making life easy for anyone around me. i decided i was at a point where i needed to see a doctor. i went to Tutton Naturopathic in everett, wa. a friend suggest Dr. Tutton and it was one of the best moves i could have made. Dr. Tutton is helping me with what is going on with me with a combination of vitamins, oil, diet change and flower essences.

flower essences are…

“…dilutions of flower material developed by Edward Bach, an English physician and homeopath, in the 1930s. The remedies are intended primarily for emotional and spiritual conditions, including but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia and stress. The remedies contain a very small amount of flower material in a 50:50 solution of water and brandy.”

the way Dr. Tutton found out with flower essences my body wanted sounds a little odd, but something is working for me. she had me lay on a table and she would push on my feet and then touch a certain pressure point on my body. the length of my legs would shift when she touched certain points. depending on the movement of my legs, she would them put my hand on some glass vials containing the flower essences. if my legs evened out when my hand was on certain essences, she would then take my finger and try each vial separately.

the first time she did this my body picked out four essences it liked. those were…

This essence helps one be decisive, make choices, and proactively create one’s wholeness and define who one is. Scleranthus flower essence guides one towards greater decisiveness and clarity of purpose, and involvement of life.

This essence deals with relationships with others, specifically acceptance of others’ differences and imperfections. This can be helpful for individuals who have grown up with criticism and high expectation. Outwardly judgmental attitudes of intolerance reflect hypersensitivity to personal, social, and physical environments. Beech essence helps people learn to cope with their underlying sensitivity and encourages tolerance, so that one may see the good within each person.

This essence is all about establishing boundaries. Centaury helps one strengthen and radiate an inner sense of self so that he or she knows when to give and when enough is enough. Givers and nurturers can end up feeling depleted and resentful when they rely on pleasing others to receive self-validation. Centaury gives strength and integrity to such personalities, helping them to assume greater self-awareness, self-responsibility, and the inner strength to say “no” when appropriate.

Honeysuckle helps promote acceptance of one’s current life conditions and updates the soul’s need to revisit past events, places, and relationships. Honeysuckle essence is indicated for those who resist change and cling nostalgically to a past that seems to have been more appealing. It helps one learn from previous life experiences by seeing clearly their meaning and message, thus allowing one to grow and experience the now with intention and purpose.

i think there were very telling as to how i was feeling at the time. after a few weeks of some vitamins, an adjusted diet and flower essences i am feeling better. i don’t feel as though every move i make is a step close to the end of the world. things are a little brighter for me.

today i went back to see Dr. Tutton and she gave me some acupuncture, which was my first time having that done, and she did the flower essence test on me again. this time my body chose four different essences. and those were…

Wild Rose:
This essence supports joy and flowing commitment to life, motivation, and interest in the world and in others. Wild rose strengthens vitality and supports restorative physical and emotional embodiment, so that one may fully experience life’s precious gifts.

Oak flower essence invites surrender, acceptance of limitations, and flexibility to those individuals who are naturally strong-willed and often bite off more than they can chew. While such persons are capable of enormous achievement, this very strength can make them rigid. This essence invites the softness and the flexibility to balance the masculine and feminine attributes of the type A personality.

This essence promotes inner peace and emotional self-sufficiency by reversing patterns of excessive self-concern and self-pity. It helps the individual feel self-fulfilled rather than self-absorbed. Feelings and energy that are overly directed inward can start to shift and balance out so that more energy can be shared with others.

Chestnut Bud:
This essence helps individuals break free of habitually repeated mistakes and troublesome patterns. Chestnut bud essence helps the individual cultivate karmic understanding. By grasping more quickly and more completely the essential nature of the experience at hand, the soul gathers wisdom and insight.

it seems as though things are turning around. i feel as though i’m not dwelling on things as much. the depression has lessened and the paranoia is making an exit. i like what Dr. Tutton is doing for me. i hope the improvements keep on coming!

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