my year in pictures…and a few words.

2010…it’s been great but i’m ready to start a new year. 2010 started out pretty well and then kind of fell apart at the end for many reasons. i think i’m getting my life on track again. you’ve been swell for the most part 2010, but you’ve also been kind of a thorn in my side. 2011, i’m ready to meet you!

here’s my year in pictures. i saw many amazing things and travelled across much of the pacific northwest! there’s talk of many fun travels for 2011!

nikki from san francisco came to visit us.

i started a new job at a print shop in everett, wa.

eric and i spent a day on whidbey island.

i found this fun bedroom set on craigslist.

we had to say goodbye to ryja and family as they started their journey to ithaca, ny.

i saw the pacific ocean for the first time and haystack rock in oregon.


this eagle greeted us on a trip on the peninsula.

we also saw this massive cedar tree.

i drove on the beach on the peninsula.

other travels in washington showed us how beautiful the state really is.

mt. baker.

we took a drive on the old yellowstone trail in washington.

the palouse in eastern washington. fun rolling hills!

herc stops to pose with a train friend.

an old motel sign in central washington.

central washington.


ashley taylor stayed with us for a few days. and we ate gelato.

i went on a train ride with herc and jeff.

i saw mt. st. helens. very impressive!

herc and the blast zone.

i said happy 4th of july seattle at gas works parks with thousands of other seattlites.

my parents came out for a visit. they also saw the pacific ocean for the first time.

we took my parents to mt. st. helens. roama joined our family as our travel buddy.

i went to my first seattle mariners baseball game. the mariners lost.

we saw emo philips perform at a comedy club in bellevue, wa. i may or may not have insulted him by telling him that the show wasn't as bad as i expected. i never saw a comedy show. i apologize emo. i really do like you!

we went back to mt. st. helens. this time to the spirit lake area.

this car was a victim of the mt. st. helens blast.

we moved into a house in everett, wa.

we spent a night in a caboose at a caboose motel on the peninsula. happy birthday surprise herc!

i picked lavender at purple haze lavendar farm near the caboose motel.

we took a four day trip through washington, oregon, and california. this was in shaniko, oregon.

this was my first time in california.

we drove through the avenue of the giants where the massive redwood trees dwell.

we watched the sun set on the oregon coast.

the oregon coast greeted us with this view in the morning.

seals and sea lions on the oregon coast.

we saw cyndi lauper perform at woodland park in seattle.

my dad and sister came out for a visit!

we saw a civil war re-enactment at port gamble.

we also saw a vintage baseball game in vancouver, wa.

i spent my birthday at a corn maze and pumpkin patch!

i was a herc for halloween.

i made my second halloween mix this year. i named it rusty tricycle.

i taught myself how to knit again.

i had the opportunity to see reo speedwagon perform in tacoma, wa. a fabulous birthday surprise it was!

we saw roger waters perform the wall in tacoma. this was one of the best things i saw in 2010!

we had a full size christmas tree this year.

we spent christmas driving through the cascade mountains. this is mt. index.

i made many many vegan sweets this year.

thank you for a wonderful year hercies!

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