spending a night with reo.

i had the opportunity to see reo speedwagon in concert at the beginning of novemember. it was a very exciting and unexpected birthday surprise.

the concert was as the emerald queen casino in tacoma. i saw reo play many many years ago at the bloomsburg fair in pennsylvania. i think was only 8 at the time so i don’t remember much from that concert. pretty much the only thing i do remember is that everyone around their lighters held in the air for most of the concert.

the casino was rather creepy. i can’t imagine wanting to spend time in front of electronic slot machines in a smoke filled building.

i kind of feel bad that reo has to perform in a venue such as this, but i’m sure at this point in their career they’ll take what they can get. and while they may have to take what they can get, the reo fans who show up at these concerts are more than thrilled to see them play!

there were middle-age women in front of me shakin’ it for kevin. there were middle-age men with their hands held high in the air cheering on the band. and we even had some middle-age couples making out. what more could you ask for!?

i did enjoy the show. they played mostly their hits with one or two new songs as well as a couple songs from their early days. kevin cronin, the lead singer, is almost 60, but you couldn’t tell he was that old from the way he moved on stage. i do enjoy his voice, but you can tell it just isn’t what it used to be. eric made a comment to me during the concert that made me giggle. he said…”kevin can sure move, but MY GOD he’s ugly.” i guess you can’t have it all when you’re almost 60!

i will admit that some of their songs are cheesy, and it just seems goofy to want to see them perform, but i had a great time! i hope reo comes back to the seattle area soon. i’ll be at that concert for sure!

reo…i will keep on loving you. even if you do take it on the run.

don’t forget to pick up their christmas album this holiday season! what better way to show someone you love them, but with the gift of reo!?

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