uh oh day!

today was very much an uh oh day at work. i woke up and thought hey…i choose to be happy today. that’s what i chose, but that’s not what i was dealt! oh nono. by 6am i was covered in purple ink. the purple ink seemed to expand and i ended up with some nice purple splotches on my jeans. i work in a print shop so yes i understand i will be inky, but i’m a pretty clean printer.

in the process of cleaning up the ink i was whacked in the chin by a rogue silk screen.

i had a three color 100 piece order that i need to have finished by monday. for those of you who don’t know…a three color 100 piece order is a big thing. it’s very very time consuming. due to certain circumstances beyond my control i have to wait to start printing those shirt until monday. and next week is going to be a hell week. i think school starts next week and the print shop is just going to explode. it’s bulging at the seams as it is.

even though we have four screen printers we always seem to be on the verge of falling behind. i guess not everyone has the german work ethic like i do, and not everyone can see the importance of these orders like i do.

it was quite the busy day. rather hectic, but somehow it was all under control. i really do enjoy working at the print shop. i’m pretty much the print shop manager without the print shop manager title, but i like it. i like knowing what’s going on around that place and i like that the salesmen have faith in me that their orders will be completed when they need them to be.

i like printing.

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5 thoughts on “uh oh day!

  1. thats my little printmaker!!

  2. you’d be proud of me marilee! i’m in the process of changing the print shop to a non-toxic shop!!

    some of those chemicals are super scary. i was reading the back of one of the labels and it gave the first aid instructions for accidental ingestion…

    “if still conscious do not induce vomiting.” IF? how scary.

  3. tell them to make you the manager! and demand to be called MZ SMARTZ.

  4. Is it oil-based? That is very scary stuff. I am assuming you are using stuff like lacquer thinner? If so you really do need to change it or get out of there quickly. I worked with a guy who worked in such a shop for years and he looked about 9 yrs old and was only in his 50s. His bones were crumbling. Now he is in a wheelchair. It is very, very scary.

  5. that should say 90, not 9 🙂

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