the arrival of ma and pa.

my parents arrive today from pennsylvania. they’ll be here for a week. this week will be full of…


the pacific.

and mt. st. helens.

expect photos this week!!

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6 thoughts on “the arrival of ma and pa.

  1. Yay! Say hi to ma and pa smartz for us!

  2. we’re going to a mariner’s game on thursday too!! they’re playing the yankees.

    i think they’re giving hats out that night. i’ll be sending that to viri if we get there in time!!

  3. Wool hop! I miss the mariners too. Less than you two but as much as donuts. Which is a lot. Have fun!

  4. i feel the love!! dntz miss you. and i guess we do too.


  5. i didn’t read what you wrote correctly. i bet i sounded mean. i thought you said you missed the mariners more than us.

    I have problems!!!

  6. no! you guys top the list! even above donuts! which is quite amazing, when you think about it.

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