hey man!…are you ready for move it?

i’m ready for move it! sort of. we’ve been contemplating moving closer to the print shop for a few months now. it’s about 25 miles to work one way. i think we’re going to actually make the move! well, we kind of have to make the move since we gave our current landlord our 30 day notice two days ago.

i’ve been pretty stressed lately due to work, hormones, paranoia and now i guess the move. i’m trying not to stress out about this. it should be fun! we’re planning on finding a place with one more room than we currently have so we can have craft and project room. we also wouldn’t mind having a deck, a fun front porch is also acceptable, a garage, and a backyard where there will be a fire pit.

today while browsing craigslist i found something that is pretty much just what we’re looking for. i think we’re going to go have a gander at it this week.

a nice kitchen to make baked goods in wouldn’t hurt either…

or some nice wall space for our art…

oh!!…and a nice room for my yellow furniture would make me happy!

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One thought on “hey man!…are you ready for move it?

  1. motordog

    I just wanted to say I appreciate the Girl in Gold Boots reference!

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