port gamble civil war reenactment.

yesterday we headed out to port townsend, wa for a civil war reenactment. eric was pretty exctited to go since he used to be a reenactor. i wasn’t feeling so hot in the morning, but as the day went on my fog lifted and i was able to enjoy the day!

the only other reenactment i went to was the cedar creek battle which we saw the on the first day of the moving trip. that was pretty fun to see! it was a fairly large reenactment, but i don’t have anything else to compare it to…but it looked like a big one to me! there were plenty of horses and the landscape was gorgeous as well.

eric did a more detailed acccount of yesterday on his blog. click click to see what he has to say and his photos!!

we met up with windy from the print shop and her boyfriend who is a reenactor. we actually found out about the port gamble event from her! this was the biggest battle of the year for these reenactors. it wasn’t nearly as big as the cedar creek battle, but they still put on a good show. they all seemed to have a great time too!

eric’s itchin’ to reenact again now. i think he’s just looking forward to the explosions. i guess i can’t really blame someone for that though…i like a good BOOM once in a while myself.

we took a ferry to port gamble.


stretch it out little horse.

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2 thoughts on “port gamble civil war reenactment.

  1. Ryan Beggar

    Wow is her name really spelled windy? that’s awesome.

    you should just dress as a union soldier and jump out at him from behind doors. that’s enough reenacting for anyone.

  2. her name really is spelled like that and is pronounced the same way as…”hey…it’s windy outside.” truestory!!

    i’m going to perch on top of the doors and swoop down to scare eric in my union gear. i’m pretty sure there was some swooping in the civil war.

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