mt. st. helens. there will be more exploring here!

yesterday we planned on going to a flea market and then to the world’s largest bead store. the flea market turned out to be a cruel joke. there was no flea market. nothing at all anywhere that looked like there was ever a flea market where the flea market was supposed to be. we then beat cheeks a little farther south to shipwreck beads. the store is pretty impressive, but a little overwhelming. we did a quick run through the store and left with about $20 worth of beads and supplies.

what now? eric was reading the map and suggested we head to mt. st. helen’s. and that we did!

the soso day of a non-existent flea market turned out to be a super day due to some quick thinking. mt. st. helens is really one of the coolest places we’ve been. we even found some pressed pennies and picked up some great mt. st. helens art at a show they were holding at the visitor’s center. later in the summer when more snow melts and more of the forest roads open, we’ll head back to the volcano to investigate some lava tubes, lakes, and just awesomeness that is mt. st. helens.

here’s a link to eric’s photosclick click here!!

the blast area.

see!! i made pressed pennies!

we're pretty ok with mt. st. helens.

pretty cool!

thank you phone!

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One thought on “mt. st. helens. there will be more exploring here!

  1. aaron

    Pretty freakin awesome sarah! Good for you guys and ur amazing adventures!!

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