travels with eric: sprung from cages 2010

P1110885scooter trip to miami. eric leaves tomorrow for his 2010 sprung from cages

the plan was for me to travel with him for a few days. he of course would be on the scooter and i would be in the car. we would travel for two days for so and then i would have to head back to seattle. we were going to leave this morning, but due to eric feeling a little under the weather, we will be leaving early early tomorrow morning. i’ll still be following him in the car, but it will be only for a day which kind of bums me out. we’ll be staying in bend, oregon for the night. there’s a penny press in bend. mm hmm!
i wish i could go on this trip too. i know he likes to do his hercie things, but we really do enjoy traveling together. i’m kind of jealous he gets to take this long trip and i’m sad. i’ll miss him.

he’ll be updating mostly daily on his blog so you can follow his adventures if you click on the link at the beginning of the post.

this summer i plan on taking a motorcycle safety course which means getting my motorcycle license which means scooting with eric. i’m pretty excited about this! next year we would like to take a few weeks off and travel on the yellowstone trail. scooter

i know when it comes time to say byebye to eric the waterworks will start. the waterworks always start when i have to say bye to someone, but this is a little different. what’s a trip if it’s not a herc and smartz of herc and smartz fame trip!?

safe travels hercies!! hurry home.

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