a sad and happy weekend.

this past weekend ryan, jaime and the kids left seattle to start their trip to ithaca, ny. i was quite sad to seem them go. thursday eric helped them pack their trailer and i watched the kids for the most part. friday i watched arkaedi and viri for a bit and then jaime and i took one last trip to hot house spa.

saturday morning we picked up a few things jaime and ryan were giving us and then we set sail for portland, oregon. the plan was for eric and i to leave seattle early…do a little exploring on the way to portland and meet up with ryan and jaime for donuts. we ended up staying at a hotel with ryan and jaime just north of portland for the night. their packing and cleaning took a little longer than expected so they weren’t going to make it any further than portland that night.

it was fun to hang out at the hotel with them! the kids seemed to like staying at the hotel. in the morning we drove to portland and had some breakfast at sweet pea…and all vegan bakery. yum yum!! after too much sugar we had to part ways. ryan and jaime were heading south to california and herc and i were beating cheeks for the coast. the actual “good-bye” ceremony was quicker than i had expected so i didn’t have enough time to bring out the water works for them. as blue car was driving away i could feel my little smartz heart breaking. eric hugged me and we tried to heal the sadness with some vegan cheese from a vegan convenience store beside sweet pea called food fight.

i’m really going to miss them. we spent so much time with the whole family. i’ve really seen the kids grow since moving to seattle. arkaedi was crawling when i first met her and now she does her pretty run down the sidewalk and internal spazzes.

after some vegan shopping we headed for the coast. i saw the pacific ocean for the first time during this trip!! the northwest coast is great! we saw plenty of cute little towns along the way. to hear more about the trip and to see all of our photos…

click here!

i really do miss you barkers.

viri, jaime, ryan and arkaedi!

viri, jaime, ryan and arkaedi!

all of us in front of food fight in portland.

all of us in front of food fight in portland.

hay stack.

hay stack.

herc and smartz at the pacific ocean!

herc and smartz at the pacific ocean!



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2 thoughts on “a sad and happy weekend.

  1. nice pictures! we’ll miss you too. let’s all move to portland in 2011! and you have to come to ithaca this fall!

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