ryan and jaime are beating cheeks.

ryan and jaime leave for ithaca, new york. tomorrow. they’re been thinking about moving so ryan could go back to school for quite some time. and now they’re finally getting the chance to do that.

i don’t think i’ve prepared myself mentally for their move. we’ve talked about it often, but i guess i just kept thinking that maybe they’d change their minds and not move or i thought they just had more time here.

yesterday eric and i helped them pack their trailer for the move. i hung out with the kids mostly. i really don’t want them to leave. i love them and their kids.

eric and i were planning on taking an overnight trip this weekend and since ryan and jaime are heading south tomorrow…we’re going to travel a bit with them. we will go to portland, oregon tomorrow and hopefully hit some of the coast and i will see the pacific ocean for the first time!

it was 60 degrees and sunny today in seattle. i’m going to miss them so much on days like today. we would usually go to carkeek on a day like this. it just won’t be the same without them. it will be fun to spend time with the barkers tomorrow, but i know the waterworks will start when i have to say bye to them.

come back soon barkers!!

ryan, jaime and blue car.

ryan, jaime and blue car.

arkaedi wanted to ride the scooter too.

arkaedi wanted to ride the scooter too.


pretty pretty!

pretty pretty!

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One thought on “ryan and jaime are beating cheeks.

  1. Great pics!
    We’re going to miss you so much!

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