good things. good weekend. goodstory.

this has been a successful week!

this week i was hired at H&L printing. H&L prints sports apparel for mostly local teams. i will be one of two screen printers for the company. i’m pretty excited to start this job! i’ve been looking for a print job for a long long time and i’m so happy that this has finally come along!

last night eric and i had a celebratory dinner at bamboo garden.


after some food we went to fremont to check out some records. i decided i had to pee and i also wanted chocolate, so off to PCC i go! i came across these little gems!


go max go foods makes vegan candy bars. these are the equivalent to snickers, milky ways, almond joys, and three musketeer bars. oh my goodness! i bought two and they were amazing!! i’m so so happy these now exist!

i came home with these two finds!…silversun pickups “carnavas,” and this sweet indiana jones record!


i used to listen to the silversun pickups album all the time in the print shop at bloom. it’s fun to have it on vinyl now.

i do believe this is my favorite silversun pickups song…oddly enough the video was directed by joaquin phoenix. weird.

fun weekend so far! tomorrow eric and i will be going to a model train show in monroe, wa, and then we will be watching the super bowl with a few friends.

what a great week!

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2 thoughts on “good things. good weekend. goodstory.

  1. The vegan candy will be my doom! Obesity here I come!

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