dreams of pennies and football coaches!

PressedCoin1smlast night i had quite the little dream.

i was planning on taking an amtrak train to an unknown location at 4pm. i looked at a clock and saw that is was almost 4:30. i rushed off to the train station to find out that it was only 1:30. apparently i went back in time on my way to the station.
it seemed as though i was taking a trip with my friend jessie since she was waiting for me at the station. we went to find our seats but i was having some trouble carrying one of my bags. i had a big bag, it was about the size of a pillow case, but it was filled with pressed pennies. i ended up dropping the bags of pennies and all over the train they went. there was a man there who was helped me them up.

in the middle of cleaning them up they magically turned into tiny plastic animals. this didn’t phase me, and i continued to pick up the animals. i found a cup on the floor that i was using to clean up.Coach Taylor i also found out there there was dirt on the floor. things happened in the dream that didn’t make sense, but i never questioned them.

i was picking animals up with the cup along with the dirt and throwing them back in the bag. coach taylor from “friday night lights,” was standing beside me on the train. some of the dirt flew out of the bag and coach taylor said…”be careful! we’re all going to get worms from that dirt! we already live in the basement!”

and that was that. pressed pennies, animals and coach taylor. good story sarah!

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