merry christmas from seattle!

last night eric and i spent christmas eve driving around to some of our favorite spots in seattle to take some photos. we went to carkeek park first to watch the sunset and then headed down to gasworks park by lake union to see the city at night and to see the christmas tree on the top of the space needle!

we haven’t been to carkeek park since august i think so it was nice to get back there. it was so cold though! it was a chilly day and then you had the wind coming off of the sound so it was brr cold! we didn’t stay there too long, but just long enough to find some seashells and say hi to the seagulls.

it was pretty dark by the time we got to gasworks, but you could see the city pretty well with all of the lights. we went there mainly because i wanted to see the tree on the top of the needle. i seem to forget that we live in a major city until we actually see the downtown. it’s pretty amazing!

merry christmas and happy christmas number two for us in seattle!

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2 thoughts on “merry christmas from seattle!

  1. Carkeek Xmas! We may head down there today and let the kids run their Xmas wiggled out.

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