merry christmas from leavenworth, wa!

P1080634yesterday eric and i drove about 3 hours to the little bavarian town of leavenworth, wa to check out their christmas lights! the whole town decorates the store fronts and trees for the holiday season. they even had some snow there for us! it was pretty, but cold…so so cold. eric found out when we came home that it was 14 degrees when we were in leavenworth!

we traveled east on route 2 and checked out the little towns along the way. we went through index which would be a great place to summer in. it’s surrounded by mountains, a river and the railroad goes right through the town. it’s a great town, but it’s so cold in the winter! we were freezing in coats and scarves, but the children just leaving school there were wearing short sleeves shirts without a coat! weird little children.
eric waited patiently for a train to roll through index while we were there, but no such luck! we heard the whistle blowing somewhere, but we must have left right before the train arrived. we finally did meet up with that train near skykomish where i forded the river this past summer. we happily railfanned on our way to leavenworth, seeing the train a few times along the way. we even saw that train enter the 8 mile tunnel in steven’s pass! choo choo!

after saying bye bye to the train we backtracked about a mile to see deception falls. we were there over the summer and it was quite pretty. it was still pretty this time as well! of course there was a ton of ice, but the water was still flying down the mountain. P1080696

i think we made it leavenworth around 4pm. it was of course dark outside so the town had all of their christmas lights on! i think my favorite part of the decorations was the christmas tree decorated with soft pretzels. das pretzels!! there’s a nutcracker store there with hundreds of nutcrackers and sadly they closed soon before we were able to have a peek inside. how sad! we did check out a pretty fun bookstore though and we checked out leavenworth’s natural food store. we didn’t buy anything, but it’s nice to know they have such a thing there!

eric so kindly made a photo album of our pictures. clicky here to see it!!

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2 thoughts on “merry christmas from leavenworth, wa!

  1. I want to spend Xmas here! J won’t let me spend money I don’t have. Ironically she’s the Bavarian…

    • we should spend christmas there! eric wants to go to the reptile zoo in monroe on christmas since they’re open 365 days. we could just go to leavenworth after that. i wonder if anything would be open. everything might be das closed.

      jaime needs a bavarian pretzel to set her straight!!

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