bah humbug?

bahthis week and maybe even last week have been strange for me. i’ve been emotional for most of that time. some waterworks took place as well. i guess i know and i don’t know why i’ve been upset. there are personal reasons, stress at work, the want for better work ex. a screen printing job, winter cold, and so on and so on.

i wish i had a few more friends in seattle too. i love eric and ryan and jaime and the kids, and some of the people at work, but sometimes it feels like i don’t have anyone to talk to.

it’s surprisingly hard to talk on the phone to people on the east coast. the time difference and schedules just don’t line up.

i thought maybe this winter in seattle would bother be a little more than it did last year and maybe that’s true. i guess it’s time to get out the vitamins and stop bitch bitch bitching about life.

right now i don’t have a good outlet for emotions i guess. i get extremely flustered when i try to talk and i just end up in tears. sensitivity has always been an enemy. i think sometimes people get upset with me about that and then i get upset in turn and it’s just a vicious cycle. i used to make prints as an outlet for emotions and it seems like i just haven’t been able to get back in the swing of it. it’s mostly because of monetary reasons. over the next few weeks i plan on rounding up some art supplies so i can begin working with wax prints again. hopefully that will help calm some emotions.

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