all is quiet in seattle and the discovery of james roper

things have been pretty mellow the past few weeks here. i think it’s safe to say the rainy season is in full gear. it’s not raining all the time, but it is fairly cloudy and misty. it is also cold. too cold. today while i was bundled up in two blankets and mittens on the couch, i came across a fun artist while searching the internets.  james roper is his name and he had a bunch of great drawings and sculptural pieces on his website that i enjoyed.

i think i liked his “rapture,” drawings the best.  the drawings are of some fairly scandalous women in pencil with an explosion of color over them. it’s a rather nice contrast if you ask me.

here’s his statement about the “rapture,” series.

The inspiration for this series of works originated from my interest in Bernini’s sculpture ‘The Ecstasy of St.Teresa’ and how Bernini visualised ‘religious ecstasy’ in an abstract form and inadvertently drew comparisons to psycho-sexual release. This is explicitly symbolised in the Rapture series by the use of porn stars as the vehicle for the expression of this ‘spiritual’ emotion, the shedding of carnal bodies giving way to an abstract purity beneath. The idea of release from the material to the spiritual is apparent in many religions as if there were a divine soul trapped in our earthly bodies, this is analogous to contemporary imagery found in comic books specifically the way in which Clark Kent, a normal man, sheds his clothes to become a Superman.

i actually saw bernini’s “st. teresa,” while in italy.  that is the first photo pictured below and the rest are from roper’s “rapture,” series.








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