let's go to gloucester!

friday in boston was fairly uneventful. i wrangled toddlers and then i walked down to davis square which is a 10 minute walk from where i’m staying. i went to the magpie which is a really really fun store. there were quite a few products there from artists i’ve seen on etsy. they also had a shirt that had a gremlin on the front of it! BUT…under the gremlin it said “poop on the prius.” what!? why would you do that! i was so excited to buy the shirt until i saw that crap. i then walked to the blue shirt cafe which is only two stores down from the magpie. they sell really really good lemonade at the cafe!
today was a pretty fun day! i child wrangled a little bit in the morning and then the boys were ready for a late morning nap. i had a few hours off and then we packed up snacks and headed to the beach! we stopped at blue shirt cafe once again to get some wraps and tea for our beach trip. i also bought a vegan brownie there which is one of the best things i ever had in my life! oh my it was soo good!

we drove about an hour to gloucester to good harbor beach. this was the first time the boys saw the ocean. i think they were fairly impressed with the water. steven freaked out though when he had sand on his hands. he also took a small dip in the water when jan tried to move him out of the way of an incoming wave and somehow managed to knock him over.

gloucester is an extremely beautiful town! i really loved it! it would be a great place to live for a few months in the summer. i’m happy we were able to get out of the house today. the beach was a nice little trip!! AND i found $20 on the beach! it’s like the beach paid me for having to put up with the crazy.

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5 thoughts on “let's go to gloucester!

  1. YES! This is such a great town. Gloucester is lovely. I was hoping you’d get there on your Boston trip. Woo!

    • it would be fun to explore this area more sometime since this was the only time i’ve been in this part of the united states.

  2. aaron

    im so glad you and your hippie shoes made it to the beach!! ❤

  3. Now you need toread the Maximus poems by Charles olson. Then you’ll really live gloucester!

  4. Rati

    beautiful! ooooh, i’m so jealous, lol! of you being in boston, and you hippie shoes… the kids not so much, hahahahaha!!! i’m glad the beach payed you.
    haha! just read that last line out loud, hahahahaa!!!

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