more adventures in pennsylvania land!

i finally got to meet the member of our family today! my cousins aaron and april had a baby girl, abby, a 4 months ago! unlike quite a few of the kids i have encounter at the daycare, she is soo calm! she’ll just sit on your lap and hang out or lay on her belly and look around. she’s fun, and she’s pretty cute! she kept chewing on her hand. she would even attempt to chew on both hands at the same time which usually ended in her coughing or burping. it was fun to watch though!

in the afternoon krista, tim, and i went to roller mills to check out what junk/fun stuff they had their. they had quite a bit of fun stuff, but nothing i really wanted to buy. i did see quite a few paint by numbers, but they weren’t anything all that exciting. tim bought one thing, which was a nozzle to an old gas pump. he rigged this to work with their garden hose so he now has a gas pump nozzle to water his flowers!

tonight i met up with kelly from asa, her husband dave, chris from asa, and his friend james to play an intense round of mini golf. i guess it was intense for them. i pretty much sucked at golf tonight. i think i kept the ball on the green at 3 holes. every other hole, the ball went flying into a bush, or rocks, or even water. it was fun though. dave won. i think he just wanted to go golfing with us so he could show us what a pro he is.

there was a fire pit blazing at krista and tim’s tonight! i like fire and haven’t been around a camp fire or fire ring in a long time. it was fun to smell the burning wood and feel the heat from the fire.

i think i had a pretty good day! check out the pictures below!

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7 thoughts on “more adventures in pennsylvania land!

  1. Ohhh that’s what you were talking about. The gas nozzle thing confused me. I think you just kept saying “gas hose” and took another hit off the crack pipe.

    How much was the raccoon painting? We need it. I checked.

    • i think it was $18. is that too much. i think i’m going to lewisburg again today. if you want it i can stop and pick it up.

  2. We dont set enough things on fire here. We need a fire pit.

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