vegan lasagna? oh heck yes!

i made vegan lasagna for the first time today! it was a success! i used eric’s pasta sauce recipe minus the chipotle, carrot and nutritional yeast. this was a veggie lasagna so i used one small zucchini, one small yellow squash, and a few broccoli crowns. some tvp was added to the sauce just for fun. i made a fun tofu filling to put between the layers of noodles. the filling consisted of around two cups grated tofu, one tablespoon nutritional yeast and a half teaspoon of basil. some follow your heart vegan cheese was grated on top of the veggie and noodley goodness and it was ready for the oven!

next time i made lasagna, i’ll take plenty of pictures with step by step instructions! yum yum!


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3 thoughts on “vegan lasagna? oh heck yes!

  1. This was quite delish! Thanks, Smartzie!

  2. aaron

    NICE!!!! i would have totally gave that a try! sounds and looks like total goodness

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