what is that…

62691-geico-kashoh! that’s the money i could be saving if i didn’t have a chevy cavalier.

it’s one thing after another with the car. i hate it. it’s walking a pretty thin line between being sold on craigslist and being pushed off of a cliff. i’m trying to decide which one will make the car suffer more.

i got the car back a week and a half ago from the body shop after being totalled. today the check engine light came on. i took it to “my mechanic,” where i was told that the front oxygen sensor made the light come on. they unhooked the sensor, reattached it and then reset the check engine light, or whatever that involves. he told me that if it comes on again then the sensor has to be replaced, but i guess that means it may be ok? it would only be about $120 to fix the sensor, but holy crap!…how much money do i have to keep putting into that car!?

i’ve been defending my car for a long time. everyone has been saying it’s a crappy american car and i would tell them…that’s just ignorant!…it’s a great car! but no. not any more. no more defending that car. it’s a crappy american made car. never again will i buy an american car…unless it’s an AMC.

i need to find a new car i think. the cavalier is just becoming too much of a headache. anyone interested in donating to the smartz-needs-a-new-car foundation? a gremlin would be very much appreciated!

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One thought on “what is that…

  1. Rati

    hahahhahahahaha!!!! i LOVE that you’re trying to figure out which would make your car suffer the most. heehee!

    but i am sorry that it’s making YOU suffer so much. 😦 hope it stops being such a pita soon.

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