seattle ratha yatra 2009!

yesterday and today seattle held their own little ratha yatra on pier 59. what’s a ratha yatra you say? click here!

ryan, jaime and the kids joined us on the pier for a little bit for the festivities too! there was singing, dancing, food, and just a few vendors selling shirts mostly. a strange thing about this ratha yatra was that there was a magic show taking place during the procession. how strange. the rath started at pier 59 and went to pier 54 or 53…then they turned around and headed back to pier 59.

it was a small group of devotees and non-devotees involved in the rath, but everyone seemed to be having a good time. some bystanders were even participating in the dancing. eric saw a little old lady walk past the crowd and clap. fun!

it’s fun to see people taking part in the events even though they may not know what’s really happening. this guy was trying to make some money on the street by playing the drums on some buckets. he was more than happy to play along with the devotees though!

eric so kindly made a photo album of today’s photos! click here to view them!

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One thought on “seattle ratha yatra 2009!

  1. Yay for Ratha-yatra! This was quite a bit of fun!

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