happy birthday eric!

yesterday was eric’s birthday! happy birthday eric. on sunday, in honor of this jaime, ryan, and i wanted to have a vegan birthday brunch for him.
i was baking up a storm in the morning. eric knew what i was doing, but he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen to see what was going on. i wanted to surprise him with the final product. i ended up making a white cake with chocolate icing and whoopie pies. the white cake was pretty tasty, but the icing didn’t turn out how i expected it to. it was more like a pudding than a cake frosting. i don’t think i’ll be using that recipe again. at least i know how to make pudding now!
the whoopie pies also turned out fairly well for my first attempt at making them. the cake part of the whoopie pies was pretty much perfect. it had a nice, moist consistency. the whoopie part of the pie left something to be desired. ryan and jaime liked the filling, but it just wasn’t like central PA whoopie pie filling. the filling turned out more like a sugary filling you’d find in chocolate cream candies or something along those lines. it wasn’t as fluffy or smooth as it should have been. it wasn’t horrible though!
for brunch jaime made vegan omelettes and chocolate chip pancakes. ryan full gave ryan and jaime a fantastic vegan brunch book that was also by the people who made the vegan cupcakes take over the world book…it was bound to be awesome. jaime made chickpea flour omelettes with vegan sausage and red bell peppers. there was also a cheesy sauce she made to put on top of the goodness already in place. oh my goodness jaime’s a great cook!

i think eric enjoyed his birthday foods quite a bit. i know i enjoyed them. yesterday eric obtained a haul of records at jive time. what a fun birthday! yay eric!

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One thought on “happy birthday eric!

  1. Aaron

    Awesome. KUDOS TO YOUUUU!!! you SO have me in the mood for a good ol whoopie pie!!

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