oh hi my cavalier!

i finally got my car back today! the little cavalier was in the body shop for 13 days. my mechanic whose shop name is awesomely named “my mechanic,” recommended me to fleury’s body shop which was only about a 5 minute drive from the apartment.
i probably spent a little more than on i wanted to on the repairs and it took a little longer than i expected it to, but i am super pleased with the results. the car looks better than before the accident probably. i know this is still a chevy cavalier i’m talking about, but the guy does some great body work on cars. he had to put new pinstripes on the new quarter panel, BUT, he decided to put new pinstripes on both sides of my car! he said he did it because mine were falling off and he was on a roll so just decided to do it while he was at it. thanks!

i took some photos of the car tonight and upon further inspection i approve of the repairs done to the back quarter panel, but i do not approve of the this!

it looks as though they sanded it down to remove some of the old pinstripes? there wasn’t anything that needed to be repaired on that part of the car so that’s the only reason i can think of that it would look the way it does. other than that though the car is buffed and shiny new!!

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