japanese style karaoke for all!!

a few weeks ago it was discovered that there is a japanese style karaoke studio in the international district. jaime was quite pleased over this since it seems like she spent a great deal of time doing karaoke when she lived in japan with ryan.

jaime went to karaoke a few weeks ago when ryan and jason were visiting. she’s been itching to sing again so yesterday eric and i accompanied jaime for some singing fun!

we sang everything from michael jackson to reo speedwagon, duran duran, camper van beethoven and even some aqua. there were some bad bad songs. eric and jaime sang more than i did, but i still had fun listening to them sing. i tried to upload a video of eric and jaime singing some barbie girl, but youtube wasn’t having that tonight.

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2 thoughts on “japanese style karaoke for all!!

  1. “jaime spend a great deal of time” singing karaoke in japan is like saying the ocean contains a great deal of water molecules. technically true, but incapable of containing the magnitude of the statement.

    • true true…there’s always tar in the karaoke booth when she goes to sing. know one knows how that happens…

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