uninsured and driving without a valid driver's license. that's bad bad!!

last night i was in the kitchen…minding my own business making homemade soft pretzels when we heard a grinding noise and a loud crash. before running to the window, i said “that’s my car.” and i called that one! i looked out the window to find a huge chevy van over the side walk and pushed up against my car.


the cavalier was pushed over into the parking space next to me. thankfully no one was parked in that spot and thankfully no one was hurt in the accident. eric and i went outside to find out that the guy driving the van had an anti-theft device on his brake (worst idea ever!) and forgot to take if off before driving. he could stop so instead of just going straight apparently decided to hit my car.


the cops were called and came to assess the situation. the officer who came to the apartment ran our driver’s licenses only to find that tony, the man who hit me, didn’t have a valid driver’s license. he also doesn’t have car insurance. he got a hefty fine from the seattle police and gave me his word that he would pay me as much money he could as often as possible. i didn’t think that would happen seeing that he was living in the van that hit me.


thankfully i have uninsured driver’s insurance. i only have to pay a small deductible, but the rest will be covered by my insurance. i took my car to my mechanic this morning to show him the damage and so he could recommend a body shop. his reaction when he saw my car was…”holy shit!!” he said that i will need a new bumper, bumper cover, quarter panel, truck cover, and some work on the passenger door. he also said that i’m looking at anywhere from $3,500 to totalling the car. not good. i’d rather not have the car totalled since it has low miles, a great interior and overall it’s in good condition. i take my car for an estimate tomorrow. i’m sure there will be updates as soon as i find out what’s going on with my car!

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3 thoughts on “uninsured and driving without a valid driver's license. that's bad bad!!

  1. hey! i thought you were heading this way? what happened? im very sorry to hear that your car was smashed!!!!!!! but i am glad your okay!

  2. Ryan

    That is horrible. Good thing you had the uninsured insurance at the very least.

  3. that is bad bad. not nice. a nice leapord would never do that. rawr.

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