oh hi little trip!

i leave tomorrow for pennsylvania. i’ll be spending roughly two months there to work at all sports. i don’t want to leave seattle, but right now it wouldn’t be wise to not make some decent money while i can.

the past two days have been really really fun! it’s been a great way to spend my time here before hitting the road tomorrow. i’ll probably be stopping in montana for the night. and i sure hope i have internet access to post some photos and some notes about the trip.
ryan from WV and jason from NY are in seattle now for jaime’s graduation. jaime actually graduated from bastyr last night! congratulations to dr. jaime!! yesterday morning, ryan, ryan, jason, eric and myself went to mighty o’s for donuts, then i stayed at ryan and jaime’s to watch the kids while the others went to jaime’s graduation ceremony. when dr. jaime was dubbed dr. we went to bamboo garden to celebrate! yes! i’m really happy i was able to go for donuts and chinese balls before heading back to PA.
we hung out at ryan and jaime’s house with everyone until about 10pm last night. ryan from WV made mexican snickerdoodle cookies. they were amazing! he used cayenne pepper in them which i thought was going to taste odd for cookies, but nono, they were amazing!! it was bedtime for the kids, so ryan and ryan came back to our place to watch a movie and to talk funny stuff. we were up until 3am and i cannot tell you the last time i was up that late. it had to have been my last semester at bloom, but i really can’t remember.

this morning hercie made breakfast and i packed my car for the long haul to the east coast. i’m hardly taking anything with me, which is a good thing. there was a low tide today at carkeek park at 11:30am, so eric and i went to see that. it’s really fun to see the extremes in the tides. after the park we went to the grocery store. i’m going to miss carkeek park and i’m going to miss grocery shopping with eric. it’s fun to buy food and we see so many weirdos at the store.

tonight we’ll be going to gas works park with the other friends to fly some kites. it should be a great little evening. i am a little excited for the trip back because i will be doing a little bit of touristy stuff in south dakota. but i really wish ASA wasn’t on the east coast. and i wish hercie could be with me!


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3 thoughts on “oh hi little trip!

  1. DJ

    Are you coming to my wedding since you will be over this way?

  2. oh hi east coast. you invited my job, great thinking!

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