3 hours + 38 blocks later= my broken car

well my good old cavalier broke down on me today.

my day started quite well! i got out of work early today since it’s finals week at bastyr. there weren’t any kids to watch so we were able to leave at 3:30. woo hoo! a nice afternoon off! i got to my car and what happens…well nothing…not really anything. my car wouldn’t start. it would make the initial big VROOOOM noise, but then it would putter away into nothing. VROOOOOMPutt..t…..t. i called eric because i really didn’t know what to do since i don’t know any of the mechanics in the city. i was advised to call AAA.

AAA sent a tow truck out to me for what i thought was a dead battery. when my tow truck arrived an hour and a half later i was greeted with a really really nice tow truck man. he actually apologized for me having to wait! he tested my battery and said that it wasn’t a dead battery, but it seems that though something is wrong with my gas line. we decided to have my car towed back to seattle (bastyr is in kenmore which is about 30 minutes from my apartment). i found a AAA approved garage called edward’s automotive and that’s where my car is staying for the night. i had to walk home from the garage since my car was out of service. i was on 128th street and i had to make it to 90th street. i walked and walked. eric suggested i try to take a bus home but i figured that it might be just as fast for me to walk and not have to wait for the bus. my little legs walked that 2.1 miles in no time! it really didn’t seem like 2.1 miles.

the highlight of my walk home may have been the guy waiting at a bus stop who asked me if i had an extra cigarette. i guess he just assumed i may have a few extra from the one i had hanging out of my mouth? i said no and kept my boots a walkin’!

so now i’m car-less, which isn’t really a big deal. i don’t work tomorrow and i have no plans. hopefully my car can be fixed quickly and for little $$$! i’ll update you as soon as i know what’s really wrong my car!

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One thought on “3 hours + 38 blocks later= my broken car

  1. Your car hates its doors and is refusing to run until you buy a sensible car like an AMC Gremlin.

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