forget about the luck of the irish…

pl-healthtinyand remember the luck of the maneki neko! the maneki neko, also know as a beckoning cat, is a good luck charm from japan.

there are many fun things to know about the beckoning cats. i’ve been reading a bunch of websites and found out about the different paw poses and colors of the kitties. the most common color of cat is white, but they also are shown in black, red, pink, gold, and maybe even other colors!

most of the kitties are shown with their right paw in the air. the right paw is supposed to attract money and good fortune. the height of the paw is fairly important too. the higher the paw the more luck it kitty is beckoning in. if the paw is facing forwards or backwards is semi-important too. most of the paws on the beckoning cats from japan show the palm while the beckoning cats made to be exported to other countries have the paw facing towards the back of the kitty.

there’s quite a bit more to the maneki neko that i have to research, but my initial findings have been pretty fun!

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One thought on “forget about the luck of the irish…

  1. YES! Now we’ll be fortunate!

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