happy friday the 13th and what a happy weekend too!

seattle is soo exciting this weekend! we have a pretty packed schedule, but so far we’re having oodles of fun!

as i mentioned in my last post, yesterday we hung out with ryan and the kids for most of the morning. later in the afternoon eric’s friend ashley, and fellow shikellamy graduate, came up from portland to spend the weekend with us. she’s actually working at a bead and gem show at the field convention center, but she’s hanging out with us when she’s not working and spending the nights at our apartment. she’s fun! i really like ashley, so yay!
last night while ashley was working eric and i met up with ryan, jaime and kids at scarecrow video store. tonight we’re going to a show downtown put on by cinematic titanic. this is an extension of mystery science theater 3000(mst3k) where they riff on some really bad, and some not so bad movies. the point of going to scarecrow was because the cast of cinematic titanic was there doing a meet and greet/signing.

mst3k started off with a guy named joel who lived in a spaceship with his robot friends. the main two robots in the show are tom servo and crow. a few months ago eric built his own tom servo robot. servo accompanied us to the signing! i’m a big fan of joel so i was pretty excited to meet him. i actually almost didn’t go to the signing, but the powers that be had other plans in store for me. i’m really really happy i went to the signing. taviri had the quote of the night while we waited in line. eric’s tom servo has a string on it that when pulled on can make servo’s mouth move. he was showing this to pretty pretty and she accidentally pinched her finger in his mouth. she started to cry, and i think jaime said something about servo breaking pretty’s little heart. viri responded with…”i want tom servo to break my heart too!!” ahhh robot love.
last night we also met david gruber allen who played mr. rosso the guidance counselor on the tv show freaks and geeks. he’s actually opening for cinematic titanic. he was really fun to talk to. his character on freaks and geeks is basically how he is in real life. the way he talks and acts is pretty much the same which is awesome because his character was fun. he even gave eric directions on how to get to the theater tonight. it was funny because he’s not from seattle and he got the directions from someone at scarecrow. it was nice of him to help us out though!

the fun of this weekend doesn’t stop there! oh nono! today we’re heading downtown to check out the bead show that ashley’s working at. tomorrow there is also a free murderball tournament that i think we’re going to watch. murderball is a game where quadriplegics basically play rugby in a wheelchair. it’s a fairly rough game from what i gather. we are also going to show ashley some of the fun things around seattle if she has time for that when she’s not working. maybe we’ll also go to the amazing chinese restaurant near the space needle. mmm!

i’m so happy i’m in seattle right now!

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One thought on “happy friday the 13th and what a happy weekend too!

  1. whoa awesome photo with joel. he didn’t look so sleepy in real life. the camera makes him sleepy.

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