hurry up spring!

spring is slowly on its way to seattle. it was here for a few days, but a cold snap has been kicking spring around this week. it was 27 degrees this morning! BRR! it may be a little chilly for my liking, but it is nice that it’s sunny until 7 or even 7:30pm now.

today eric and i met up at mighty o’s with ryan and the kids for donuts. near the end of out donut adventure a few men with seattle firefighter uniforms came in to the shop. viri may have been shrieking at that moment, i can’t quite recall what he was doing, but ryan said to him…”viri, show the firemen what a nice boy you are!” i don’t think viri really knew what to make of this. he stopped and seemed to be looking at the firemen out of the corner of his eye.

one of the men pulled out two gold stickers that were in the shape of a badge. the stickers said “seattle fire deparment.” he then gave them to ryan for the kids. viri was pretty thrilled about this and wanted his sticker on his shirt. pretty pretty just wanted to eat her badge. i don’t really blame her. sticky paper…mmmm! when the firemen were leaving ryan asked viri what firemen do. the one firefighter said…”who knows.” it was actually pretty funny.
after some donuting we went to gas works park. it’s a great park to walk around. it’s right on lake union and you can see the whole city from basically anywhere in the park. viri was throwing rocks and sticks in the water. it was actually pretty surprising at how dirty the shoreline at lake union was. there was a rubber glove there which was assumed to still have some fingers in it, there was random food wrappers, and plenty of empty beer cans and bottles.

the highlight of our visit to gas works was probably when viri decided it would be fun to slide down a hill sitting on his butt. this was a pretty steep and long hill by the way. viri was having so much fun eric decided to try this sliding on your butt on the hill thing. he slid on the way down the hill with viri. it was pretty funny. both of them had muddy pants when all was said and done.

the park wasn’t that busy today. i’m sure it’s pretty hopping in the summer. there isn’t a playground area there, at least not one that i saw, so maybe it isn’t busy in the summer. i think this is a park where people like to fly kites though. it’s a good area for that!

look what eric and i saw on a walk we took this afternoon!

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  1. It’s only a model.

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