dreams expose things.

rollinsin the dream eric and i were in a room with a bunch of books on a shelf. eric took a few of the books off of the shelf to show me. soon after this, some guys ran in the room saying, “why are you doing this? what are you doing with those books?!” in the dream i knew who these guys were, they’re famous, but i can’t remember who they were now.
when the men started questioning eric in runs henry rollins. rollins also is yelling and asking eric what he’s doing with the books. oh and guess who runs in next? here’s anthrax! the guys from anthrax are now questioning eric about his actions too!

finally rollins explains to us the significance of what eric is doing. rollins explains it as…”you’re exposing the male pimps!” and apparently rollins, anthrax, and the guys who i can’t remember were all in this book exposing male pimps.

i like having fun dreams!

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