dreams of scooters, mst3k and things!

i was doing pretty well with keeping up with my blog, but last week i slacked off. there is a good reason for the slacking though! i’ve picked up more hours babysitting. it’s not the best thing in the world seeing that the lady i’m working for wanted kids, but apparently didn’t want to take care of them (more at that at a later time). i am making some cash money though so hurray for that! i think this week will be a little easier for me to write in the bloggy.

last night i had a great dream!…
there was a parade taking place in my hometown of northumberland, pa. i’m not sure what the parade was for buy i was meeting up with my friend ryan koch. the parade was taking place on queen street so i parked my car about a block up from queen so i was parked on a hill with a great view of what was going on. ryan hadn’t shown up so i just sat in my car waiting.

right then a tractor trailer was trying the come up the hill. he couldn’t make it. his wheels were spinning and he just couldn’t get the traction to go the rest of the way up the hill. in actuality, this isn’t a steep hill. while watching the tractor trailer i saw ryan had parked at the bottom of the hill. he ran up to my car and said we should watch the parade from the bottom of the hill. i said ok, and instead of just leaving my car parked where it was, i put it in neutral, got out of the car and let it roll down the hill. crash! oh guess what? it hit another car.
when i got down to the bottom of the hill there was a guy there inspecting the damage my car made to his car. he said to not worry about it, that there wasn’t a big dent. my car didn’t have a scrape on it! look at my magical healing powers! instead of driving my car, i found this scooter near my car that i rode back to my parent’s house. on a flat stretch of road, i discovered that just by pushing the scooter my speedometer said i was going 40mph. my first thought was “wow! i have to tell eric!” i was quite impressed by my push scooter skills.

back at my parent’s house. i found my dad building something out of wood behind the house. i also saw pudder there sleeping. i miss my kitty. i showed my dad the scooter and he was quite impressed. he wanted to show me a scooter trick in the driveway. he said it was something that mike from mystery science theater 3000 did on an episode of the show. i don’t think my ever watched mst3k.

what a fun little dream!

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