cute overload!

i’m sure quite a few of you have seen these photos of the little koala trying to beat the heat. i couldn’t resist posting it though! here’s a little bit of background about the koala…

The baby koala was snapped taking a refreshing dip after it lost its mum and was picked up by good Samaritans.

The koala was spotted by a family in Maude, near Melbourne, Australia, during a ferocious heatwave last week looking distressed and sick.

As temperatures soared, the family tried to make the koala drink.

And when it realized water was in the bucket, it climbed in to cool off.

Although the koala’s mum has returned to a tree nearby the family, the baby is now in the care of wildlife officers for release back into the wild.

cute koala5

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3 thoughts on “cute overload!

  1. Maybe I’m odd, but koala’s scare the bejeezus out of me. Just imagining hundreds of ’em, looking at me through the trees. Shudder. They’re strong enough to tear a man in two, you know. They’ll jump out behind bushes, grab a person and just rip him in half. Aussies call it a “koala-reedoo.”

    “Oy, run mate! Bruce just got hisself a koala-reedoo!”

  2. that’s koalas. no apostrophe. stupid grammar.

  3. in reality grammar doesn’t exist.

    do they have koalas at the seattle zoo? for your birthday we’ll take you to the koala exhibit!

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