seattle's public market, a cat, and the S.L.U.T…all in one day!

public market.this morning eric and i met up with ryan, jaime and the kids to spend some time downtown. our plans for the day involved a trip to the public market and then we would catch a ride on the south lake union trolley…affectionately know as the S.L.U.T! “apparently” no one knew that the trolley would be given such a lovely nickname. the website for the trolley though calls the S.L.U.T. the seattle streetcar. there’s no mention of the acronym anywhere on the site.

it was nearly impossible to find parking downtown today. this is the most time we’ve spent wandering around seattle’s downtown. i really didn’t realize the amount of stores and buildings there are. we drove around the downtown two times other than today, but i guess you just don’t realize how much there is when you’re not stuck inside a car. after much searching we found a place to park that was quite out of the way. we met up with the barker family and then were off to the market!

we were sidetracked by a pretty awesome cooking supply store. soo much money could have been spent in there! we decided just to buy a few stainless steel dip bowls and a squirrel cookie cutter. they had a nice baking section that i hope to go back to sometime soon! taviri picked out a few cookie cutter which included i think a train, a triceratops, and a stegosaurus. viri wanted the t-rex, but it looked a little deformed. i think it had an extra arm coming out of its stomach. jaime passed on the deformed dino. jaime enjoys baking too. it would be fun to have a baking day with her when her schedule isn’t so hectic.

cubby the cat!after much time spent looking at cookie cutters we were again on our way to the market. at the corner of the road we were walking on was a guy with a little stand collecting donations for a kitty shelter in the city. he was sporting a little hat with kitty ears and a fluffy tail. he also had cubby the cat there being cute and inciting people to give donations. i gave cubby some money. cubby looked a little unhappy to be sitting on the table. maybe he was just getting too warm with his coat on. i miss having a cat. cubby reminded a bit of pudder, except that pudder has more brown in her fur with a little more white on her head. and she’s not as chubby.

after being distracted by cookie cutters, and cubby the cat, it was off to find the one stand at the market that ryan and jaime were looking for. this stand sells a variety of baked goods including quite a few vegan selections. they have vegan cinnamon buns which is what ryan and jaime were looking for. they were a little late though! the vegan cinnamon buns were sold out. they settled for some massive vegan cookies which were probably just as good as cinnamon buns. we then walked through the market for a little bit. we saw where they have their famous fish throwing, this was probably just one fish stand at the market, we also stopped by a spice store looking for some indian spices, but, no spices were to be found. after a little more wandering and hanging out it was time to find that S.L.U.T!
here comes the S.L.U.T!
it took us about 15 minutes to walk to the trolley station. it was only $2 to ride it too! here’s a map of where it took us. viri really loved the ride! he’s really in to thomas the tank engine right now. i think he knows most of the trains on the show. i can only remember thomas, percy and henry. viri said our train was percy, then he changed his mind and said it was henry. whoever we were riding gave us a fun little tour of south lake. there’s not too much happening right there. a few car dealerships and wholefoods, but that’s about it. the docks have plenty of boats of course! i think they’re also renovating union park. that would be a nice park to go to in the summer! i really like seeing the boats in the harbors around seattle. i do like boating and being on the water. i can’t wait to see all of the boats in the sound when the weather is a little warmer.

i had fun spending the morning and part of the afternoon downtown with everyone! it was nice to get outside in the kind of warm weather and walk around. hurry up warm weather!

enjoy the photos!

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2 thoughts on “seattle's public market, a cat, and the S.L.U.T…all in one day!

  1. oh and the cooking store is great: my espresso tamp is perfect! wool hop!

    • i had so much fun in the cooking store! we’ll have to go back to the market in a few weeks. there will be vegan cinnamon buns!!!

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