cinnamon buns! soooo much vegany goodness.

last night i told eric i was going to make a surprise tomorrow morning for him. and what a surprise it was! i wanted to try a recipe for cinnamon buns…vegan of course. most of the recipes i was finding had an insane amount of butter in them. i’m sure they make some good cinnamon buns, but i’m trying to bake and eat healthier if i can. i already eat healthy, but i don’t want to eat a stick of butter with my cinnamon buns.

here’s what you’ll need to make some vegan goodies…
-1 1/2 cups unbleached white flour
-1 teaspoon baking powder
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-1/2 teaspoon baking soda
-1 1/2 teaspoon yeast
-1 tablespoon vegetable oil
-3/4 cup soy milk
-1/4 cup sugar
-2 tablespoon cinnamon
-1/8 cup melted margarine

and for the icing…
-1 teaspoon margarine softened
-1 cup powdered sugar
-soy milk

*preheat the oven to 375 degrees

*mix all of your dry ingredients first. next add the oil and soy milk. mix until dough becomes sticky mass. melt margarine and mix cinnamon and sugar together in a separate container. now you’re ready to roll out the dough.

sprinkle a little flour on a clean surface so the dough doesn’t stick. i didn’t actually roll out my dough. i just patted out into a rectangle with my hands. you can either spread the melted margarine, sugar, and cinnamon on the entire rectangle of dough, then roll the dough in a long cylindrical shape and then cut the dough to make the cinnamon buns OR you can do what i did which was to cut the rectangle of dough into four long strips. then spread the margarine, sugar, and cinnamon mixture on each separate piece and then roll the dough up to make the buns.

finally place your cinnamon buns in a non-stick pan and bake! the recipe i was following said it should take between 9-12 minutes for these to bake. mine too almost 20 minutes. so i would just keep checking them after about 10 minutes. everyone’s oven is different so it really might only take yours 9-12 minutes.

*for the icing i softened my margarine a little bit on the stove. i then added it to the powdered sugar. next add soy milk until you reached the desired consistency for the icing. add a little bit of soy milk at a time! it doesn’t take too much to overdo it with the soy milk. i made my icing while the cinnamon buns were still in the oven. i stuck it in the freezer i took the buns out of the oven. this hardened the icing enough so it melted on the warm buns, but most of it remained on top of them. enjoy!

*recipe makes 4 medium sized cinnamon buns.

this is why they pay me!

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4 thoughts on “cinnamon buns! soooo much vegany goodness.

  1. Aaron

    Nice Sarah!! they look Delisc!
    I just made sticky buns last week for our brunch and yes it does call for a SHIT load of butter! it was funny how you mentioned that!
    miss you

  2. i’m glad you approve of my cinnamon buns! it seems like the buns would be soo much heavier or harder if a lot of butter was used. is that what will happen?

  3. Aaron

    By adding lots of butter to the dough just gives the buns a much richer taste. it would actually make for a much lighter dough only for the pure fact that its pretty much in their for the “fat” content of a recipe and flavor. thats about it! lol

    • i think i can do without soo much butter in my life! hehe

      these were super cinnamon buns though. someday we’ll have a vegan cooking session!

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