gremlins are YUM YUM!

i saw this little cupcake the other day. remember this artist? i wrote about her a few weeks ago. she makes this little watercolor paintings of cupcakes roaming around cities and documents their life in the world. here’s the link for her etsy shop if you’re interested.

i saw this particular image of the cupcake saying “yum,” and immediately thought of the scene in the movie “gremlins,” where the little gremlin eating a gingerbread man says “YUM YUM!” he has quite the raspy voice for a little guy! i have always loved this movie! i used to watch it quite a bit when i was a kid. i know i was scared of it, but i had to watch it repeatedly. i still do that. i know something will scare me, but i must watch it anyway! i don’t watch it on repeat. that’s what music is for. and i do listen to things on repeat!

i’ve really grown to love baking the past few weeks! it’s soo much fun. i can make some pretty super chocolate chip cookies, but i’ve also discovered i make some fun cupcakes from scratch (and they’re organic!). this morning i tried my hand at some cinnamon buns. they were quite successful. i actually surprised myself! i’ll be post those photos tomorrow along with the recipe. i like baking and i like the gremlins. i think that’s why the kitchen scene in the movie is my favorite scene of the movie.

YUM YUM! while looking for photos for this post online i found and actualy gremlin YUM YUM!
YUM YUM gremlin is my favorite gremlin in the movie. i like stripe too, and i think that’s just because he’s the only one they really give a name to. “YUM YUM,” has become an everyday phrase for me. i use it to show i’m please with something. thank you gremlins!

here’s the clip where the little gremlin says “yum yum!” the clip is a little over two minutes long and the yum yum moment happens around 1:02.

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2 thoughts on “gremlins are YUM YUM!

  1. Aaron

    YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!! Im so glad you enjoy baking!!!
    now THAT..makes MY heart smile!!

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