have i become a load?

hay.  it\'s a load.can i say i’m sick of not having a job? and believe me i know it’s true so you don’t have to tell me, i could’ve had plenty of crap jobs by now out here, but i’ve been holding out because i’m worth more than minimum wage, and i don’t mind stating that either. i pay my bills, but i’m saving money, therefore i’m not really buying things…extra things. i would like to buy some art supplies and things to start making work again, but i feel like i can’t because i’m watching what i spend.

i’m sure some people out there think i’m a lazy ass for not just getting ANY job, just so i have a job. i’ve applied to at least 30 different places. i don’t know what i’m trying to prove or get at. i think i’m just stressed. i’m getting sick of being at the apartment alll day and not really being able to enjoy the city. i’m bored. is that my fault? probably so. i’m just kind of bummed out right now.

on a better note, i’ve developed some nice patches of extremely dry skin on my body.

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2 thoughts on “have i become a load?

  1. technically you do have a part time job. so, you’re only a part time load!

    “She’s…. my part time loader…OOo”

  2. Have you tried to get some volunteer work? Like at a artist run center or printmaking center?? If not GO DO IT!!!!!

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