the boat show, THE BOAT SHOW!

here’s a commercial for the seattle boat show. the theme song goes something like this…”the boat show, THE BOAT SHOW! the BIG SEATTLE boat show!” and that’s about it. you would think that they would have a little more talent or ambition to write a more creative song.

you can watch the commercial here!

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5 thoughts on “the boat show, THE BOAT SHOW!

  1. KJR edited it so that they no longer sing the boat show, they just play the music.

    Less fun.

    I need to be totally sure there’s a boat show.

    • you’ve stumped the smartz. what is KJR?

      but trust me…there is a boat show A BOAT SHOW! a SEATTLE boat show!

  2. Kjr is the am sports radio. 950am. I listen to it more than is good for me.

  3. Urm, it’s a boat show. Have you ever been to a boat show? That jingle is probably plenty spiffy for most of the patrons, it may even be a little too complex for some.

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