scary dreams: part I of III

this post is the beginning of a three part series featuring scary dreams i’ve had this week! part one might just be the best dream out of the lot. they are all quite fun, but this one was incredibly intense/strange/lemur-filled.

the dream began with eric and myself sitting on a pile of rocks beside an old wooden shed on a tiny tiny island. we were pressed up against the shed as if we were trying to hide. as we were looking out over the water, zombies in boats, something like a small canoe, came paddling by. these weren’t your ordinary zombies. these were salt mining zombies. as they went by the front of the shed they dropped off the salt each one had collected and kept on paddling. eric and i were stealing their salt. bad move. you shouldn’t mess with zombies you know? we were taking pipes that were about three inches wide and four feet long and jabbing them in the ground to collect the salt. one of the zombies saw what we were doing and just told us that we should knock it off and stop stealing their salt! why he didn’t each our brains then is lost to antiquity.

in the next scene of the dream i was standing on my grandparent’s farm with a girl who i knew in the dream, but now i have no idea who she was. the zombies we trying to catch us. they had dug small holes less than a foot deep and no more than a foot and a half wide. i guess they were going to shove us in the holes? it was getting dark so the mystery girl and myself started walking up the hill to the top fields on the farm. we continued through the first field and then down a steep gully. the gully loops downward to a small horse barn. when we got to the barn we saw a body shoved in one of the holes. we knew the zombies had been there so we started to run. we ran back up the gully to the top field. as we were running i noticed that the zombies had acquired some lemurs who were tracking our location and marking that location by hanging small stuffed animal lemurs on the tree branches we were running passed.

when we came to the top of the gully we saw a swarm of zombies running towards us. apparently the lemurs had done their job properly. i saw that the zombies we slobbering at the mouth, but i also noticed that it looked like a rather thicks slobber, almost gelatin-like. i know i was fairly disgusted. but we turned around and ran back down the gully.

at that point i think i made myself wake up. for how fun it kind of seems now, that was the scariest dream i had had in a long long time.

stayed tuned for part II of my mini series!

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