one thing i REALLY miss about pennsylvania.

the one thing i really do miss about pennsylvania is the abundance of non-asshole drivers. really! seattle might just have the worst drivers in the united states. perhaps the world if they feel extra reckless today!

one thing you must understand about seattle drivers is that if they feel threatened by another car, they won’t mention the situation by honking their horn. ooh noooo! they don’t take decisive action and take their right of way while driving. noooo! they won’t do anything right while driving for that matter really

i had an encounter with one of seattle’s ass drivers today. i had just pulled up to a semi-busy intersection. i had a red light so like most intelligent drivers i stopped. i watched my red light for a few seconds then i started to creep towards the intersection to see if i could sneak out and turn right on my red light, which of course is legal. all of a sudden a maroon mini van flew around my left side and just pulled out on the street turning the way i was going. they barely stopped just so you know. the passenger decided it was a good idea to yell out the window at me. i have no idea what she was saying. but thank you seattle ass driver for making me hate seattle drivers more and more.

i will never be a seattle driver. i am a northeastern driver. i’m surprised that driver today took such initiative to go around me. didn’t they know i’m from the northeast?! you don’t mess with one of us. i know traffic laws and how to obey then thank you very much. i am quite the aggressive driver, but i do know how to defend myself too. this isn’t the first time that we’ve had encounters with ass drivers. ryan posted a blog entry the other day about weird seattle drivers. that made us recall a few more stories about the driving in the city.

this one was told by eric.

“We were at an intersection today, wanting to turn left. We had our signal on. Across from us was a car also wanting to turn left (their left). They also had their signal on.

Now, in places that aren’t Seattle, we both would have made our respective left turns and hardly thought about it.

But Smartz and this other driver made eye contact and both waited to see if the other driver was actually going to make the signaled turn. Were the blinkers just a psych-out? Did one of the drivers accidentally signal for a left turn when really the desire was to go straight? How can one really, truly know?

After ten seconds of each driver edging out onto the street, Smartz finally made up her mind to just go for it.

Luckily, both cars survived a situation where clearly ANYTHING was possible.

This is a weird ass town. I really dig it.”

and this one was told by me!

“we’ve been at intersections countless times now where something like that has happened. sometimes it’s a four way stop sign and the car in question got to the stop sign before me. they’re still waiting to continue through the stop sign by the time i get there. when i do get there, they motion for me to go instead. NO! no! i won’t stand for that! YOU were at the stop sign first…YOU go.

when there’s a traffic situation that no one can seem to sort out while i’m driving, i’m usually the one to take action.

watch out for the crazy northeastern female in the white car!!! she can repair things with her mind you know!”

i guess the moral of this story is, if you see a female driving a white cavalier in seattle…get out of her way! she’s a crazy north easterner. oh! and don’t drive like an ass.

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2 thoughts on “one thing i REALLY miss about pennsylvania.

  1. i think north-easterners are the ones in this part, the part your from, who drive way too fast and dont seem to care about posted speed limits. they then seem to get hostile when a person is going the speed limit or even 5 miles over it. i find this a bit absurd.

  2. That’s what gets me about Seattle- either they go 20 or 90. There is no middle ground. Ask j about chasing down the van when 9months pregnant.
    Don’t mess with pregnant jaime.

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