cars, fremont and a nice walk!

today we hung out at ryan and jaime’s and their neighborhood most of the day. ryan had to take their scion to the toyota dealer for an oil change so we picked him up and took him back to their house. on the was back we stopped in fremont of some more record action. there has been quite a bit of record action this past week. eric picked up a few records including the great rick astley’s “never gonna give you up.” that little photo to the right explains rick’s greatest hit fairly well. i picked up another jan and dean album along with reo speedwagon’s “nine lives,” album. don’t hate.

we got back to ryan and jaime’s house and we watched thomas the tank engine with taviri. jaime also made us lunch! after lunch jaime wanted to study for a bit so ryan, eric, the kids, and myself went for a walk. the walk was fairly dissapointing for taviri. the library was closed. the comic book store was closed. friends cathy and joel weren’t home either! taviri cheered up a bit when he saw a big orange kitty sunning himself/rolling in mulch. he also started collecting pine cones. everyone loves a good pine cone.

we also realized on the walk that viri’s mind and my mind kind of function the same way. we walked by this bush. this bush was tall and deep and rather bushy. it had really thick branches! i said, “big bush.” eric and ryan acknowledged that it was indeed a big bush and proceeded to poke a bit of fun at me. viri, who had been collecting pinecones, caught up with us…stopped…looked at the bush and said, “big bush.” it was quite funny.

we made it back to ryan and jaime’s house in time for me to play toys with viri. he said he wanted eric and sarah to play with him. i asked him what he wanted to play, and he responded with a…i want to play toys with you. i think it’s funny how much he seems to like me. no children have ever really taken a liking to me. but i guess it’s good that their kids like me since we saw them so much!

while in fremont i had a slight fender non-bender. my dad will be thrilled to read this. i was parking my car on a hill between two cars. those were probably my first and second mistakes. i was almost completely in the parking space when i decided to put it in drive…give it a little gas…and go forward to get the front of my car lined up with the curb. i did everything i just said i was going to do…except for putting the car in drive. oops. i was still in reverse AND i gave it a little gas. *smash crack bang tail lights cracking head lights cracking* that’s pretty much what it sounded like. i think i remember hearing ryan in the back of the car saying, “uh oh.” i thought there was going to be some pretty good damage. i backed up into a honda element. they’re bigger than my car, but they do look a bit plastic-like. basically like my car. i finished the horrid park job and we got out to investigate. there was not one scratch on my car. not one scratch on the element. no broken lights for either of us. nothing. nothing was wrong. we agreed that i have the power to fix things with my mind. i was pretty upset when i was getting out of my car to inspect the damage, but i was pretty happy when i saw that nothing was wrong! yay for my cavalier. it may be a looong car, but it sure is durable. see! this is why i need that gremlin!

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2 thoughts on “cars, fremont and a nice walk!

  1. You didn’t mention how you can fix cars with your mind.

    You should start a mental car repair business.

    Hey you could call it Smartz Partz!

    • smartz partz is the name for my other business! it’s not good to mix my businesses. we would have all sorts of problems.

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