i want a gremlin!

i almost need one. it’s way too cool of a car to not have one! it’s cute, no? someone is selling one on craigslist. the ad says it runs and drives well, but it needs some tlc. but what love could such a car need? i don’t know, but i emailed the person selling the car just to find out. hopefully they’ll know what kind of tlc to give a gremlin.

the one thing i really love about the AMC gremlin compared to the gremlins in the film “gremlins,” is that they can be exposed to bright light, they can get wet, and you can feed them after midnight.

*bright light bright light!*

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4 thoughts on “i want a gremlin!

  1. You need a gremlin.

    Jaime won’t let me buy a car. I want a 1963 Ford truck. She’s mean.

  2. i do need a gremlin!

    want!! *taviri head shake*

  3. Vanessa

    This is wierd to read. Do you know this is Aaron’s dream car since he could drive? I can remember everytime he spied one in a paeking lot( rarely) or sitting along side of a building left to rust, he would comment. It might be hereditary..

    • that’s awesome! everyone should have a gremlin…and for good reason!

      i see some for sale here in the seattle area that are only $1,000-2,000 but they need a lot of work. poor little gremlins.

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