seattle has delivered this week!

vegan sweet and sour chicken.  amazing!the past week in seattle has been pretty amazing! the weather has usually been sunny and in the 50’s. we went for donuts twice with ryan and the kids. tuesday after donuts, we went to golden gardens park on the sound. it’s fun to have a beach so close to us. it’s just a 15-20 minute drive. while at the park we saw some seals playing in the water! it was pretty exciting. i didn’t know seals were around us!

monday i also started working at the daycare at bastyr university. i’m not the biggest fan of children but i have become way more tolerable of them since i’ve had soo much interaction with ryan and jaime’s kids. they’re great kids. taviri is always entertaining and pretty pretty is always happy to see you.

last night eric and i met up with corby at bamboo garden. bamboo garden is a vegetarian chinese restaurant in the city. it’s basically a vegan restaurant minus the fortune cookies which for some reason have eggs in them. you’d think they’d be able to find something without eggs, but i won’t complain since they serve some of the best food i’ve ever had in my life. hanging out with corby i always fun too. he usually has some fun stories to tell. it’s also nice to see someone else from pa. corby moved from milton, pa to seattle about a month before we did.and this is my massive record collection!
today i picked up a few extra hours at the daycare. the kids were basically insane today. many tears were shed today and many markers were licked by william. eric and i hung out at the apartment this afternoon watching judge shows. eric figured out that with the little antenna on the tv we can pick up around 20 channels. we’ve been watching some tv, but only an hour or two. i really like not watching tv, but i can stand to watch a few judge shows from time to beets!

after the judge shows we headed down to fremont. eric wanted to go to the record store and i NEEDED red beets. one of the kids had red beets at the daycare today and i was craving them ever since. i shopped around the grocery store and then walked up the street to find eric. the record store we go to has a section of their records at a vintage store right down the street from the main store. we usually hit that store after the real jive time. eric made quite the haul today. 34 records to be exact! i made a haul too! i don’t have many records, but i’m starting to build up a nice little collection…if you want to call it nice. i want to call it nice, but some may argue. i bought a jan and dean album, and reo album that i already had…grr, two bryan adams albums, and the st. elmo’s fire soundtrack. this added to my collection which before today consisted of a naked eyes album, reo speedwagon albums, most of which eric gave me for christmas, a bread album, and a georgia satellites record!

what a good day and week! oh! and here are my red beets i made when we came home! yum!

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One thought on “seattle has delivered this week!

  1. brugg

    who doesn’t love chinese balls! also, you seem more than just tolerant of children these days…something has happened to smartz, lol.

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