i have freedom of speech!

i had a dream about ASA soon after i returned to seattle. in the dream all employees were to attend a meeting given by a strange looking man who was in no way affiliated with ASA. i don’t really know why he was there. he was lecturing us, but i don’t remember what he was talking about. what i do remember is that he was standing way to close too us for comfort. we were all lined up against a wall and he would walk up and down the line getting so close to us as he hit all of the women in the chest when he passed them.

i decide to tell him that he should take a few steps back that way he won’t bump us. he said, “it’s my turn to talk. i’ll tell you when you can speak!” ohh…so i respond with one of my favorite phrases which is, “i have freedom of speech!” he didn’t like that. he again said that he was in charge and he would tell me when i can talk. i begin pointed to myself and yelling that i indeed still have freedom of speech. finally after he decided to tell me again not to talk i coldcocked him in the jaw. i think i continued to hit him a little bit when he was on the ground and i reminded him that i have freedom of speech.

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3 thoughts on “i have freedom of speech!

  1. brugg

    woah, smartz takes action!!

  2. wow. i cant imagine you doing this! it would be kinda shocking to actually see you taking this type of action as brugg puts it! very impressive sarah, taking a stand agaisnt the “man”!

  3. I dont disagree with this post!

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